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Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is a relatively simple material, but it is an instrumental part of many construction and home-improvement projects due to its structural integrity.

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As its name implies, fill dirt is used for filling in spaces. It is made up of rocky subsoil and typically has as little organic material as possible. The reason that fill dirt is primarily non-organic is that organic material makes dirt less stable. The less organic material the fill dirt contains, the less prone to shifting it will be.


Fill dirt has a wide variety of uses. In road construction, fill dirt is invaluable when it comes to raising shoulders to the same height as the pavement they surround. In building construction, fill dirt can be used to help give the structure a more solid foundation. Additionally, in the case of homes with septic systems, fill dirt is often responsible for holding the tank in place.

Fill dirt can also have aesthetic purposes, especially for home landscaping. For instance, fill dirt can be used to give a flat area more texture. One example is a property owner using fill dirt to erect terraces in their back yard. Grass and other plants can then go on top of the fill terraces. Additionally, fill dirt can be used to remove unattractive ruts from the landscape, making other tasks like mowing easier.


If you need fill dirt or any other kind of material in the Arlington, Washington, area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide materials on both a pickup and delivery basis. Contact us on our website or simply give us a call at 360-403-7520.

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