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Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock

Quarry rocks are rock pieces mined from a large rock formation (a quarry) found underneath the surface of the earth. Geologists are hired to find quarries, which can contain various types of rocks including:

Sedimentary rocks which are formed by the weathering of other rocks or from compressed sediments. These include chalk, sandstone, limestone and shale rocks.

Igneous rocks form when hot lava or magma from the Earth’s center cools and solidifies. They usually have a crystalline or glassy appearance.

Metamorphic rocks are transformed from sedimentary or igneous rocks after they are subjected to high pressure, heat, or hot mineral fluids. Granite and marble are metamorphic rocks.

Adding natural stones like quarry rock to your landscape brings visually interesting textures and colors to your environment. These durable stones provide long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

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