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Four Man Quarry Rock

Quarry rock is a low-maintenance, natural-looking landscaping option. Four-man quarry rocks range from 2000-4000 pounds and 36″ – 48".

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$75.00 per ton



Quarry rocks come in many size brackets, but due to their irregular nature, the actual size and dimensions vary from stone to stone. Here is an overview of the size brackets of quarry rocks carried by Reece Aggregates and Recycling:

  • One-man quarry rocks weigh 50–200 pounds and are 12–18 inches across.
  • Two-man quarry rocks weigh 200–700 pounds and are 18–28 inches across.
  • Three-man quarry rocks weigh 700–2,000 pounds and are 28–36 inches across.
  • Four-man quarry rocks weigh 2,000–4,000 pounds and are 36–48 inches across.

The one-man and two-man variants are considered small quarry rocks, while the three-man and four-man variants are considered large quarry rocks.


Quarry rocks are useful for both landscaping and construction purposes. For instance, if a hillside needs support at a construction site, quarry rocks can be used to buttress a slope. For landscaping, a single quarry rock can serve as an attractive accent piece. Multiple quarry rocks can be used to build terraces, to line walkways, or form other natural-looking landscape enhancements. The rocks will last virtually forever, making them an “install-it-and-forget-it” landscaping option.

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We offer a variety of site preparation and excavation services through our partner business, Reece Construction Company. Visit Reece-Construction for more information.


We supply over 35 rock, sand, gravel, and landscaping products to meet the needs of your projectS. Reece is also an asphalt and concrete recycling plant and material dumpsite.


Locally owned, locally operated, Reece Aggregates and Recycling is proud to provide a variety of quality products including sustainable recycled asphalt and concrete for construction and homeowner projects.
sand and gravel supply and delivery concrete and asphalt recycling arlington, washington reece aggregates and recycling
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