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Perk Dirt

Perk dirt is a screened, water-permeable dirt that provides a reliable foundation for drain fields or infiltration basins. (The word "perk" is short for "percolation," referring to the fact that water moves through this type of dirt somewhat easily.)

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No septic system is complete without a drain field, and no drain field works without the correct dirt—perk dirt, in this case. Essentially, septic systems need to be able to drain liquid, which they do so by releasing the liquid into a semi-permeable drain field. In fact, jurisdictions often require soil to undergo a percolation test to see how permeable it is before permitting the installation of a septic tank. Additionally, proper drainage is important because, without it, the septic tank might back up, which is an extremely unpleasant problem.

When installing a septic tank, perk dirt is installed during the middle and end of the process. It surrounds the tank, allowing for drainage while still providing support.


Infiltration basins are another area where perk dirt shines. These basins are used to manage stormwater runoff by containing the runoff for a time before letting it escape into the surrounding soil. As with drain fields, perk dirt is a useful material for this application because of its permeability. An infiltration basin surrounded by impermeable soil would not allow runoff to escape. By contrast, perk dirt allows water to leave at a controlled rate.


Need professional-grade perk dirt for your next Arlington or Seattle, Washington—area project? Reece Aggregates and Recycling can help. We offer perk dirt and a range of other materials on a pickup or delivery basis. To learn more, you can get in touch with us at 360-403-7520 or through our contact page.

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